Join the community and explore the region and beyond. OutdoorUAE Magazine has been organizing and running events for a number of years. The people behind OutdoorUAE have established a successful, recognized brand based on experience and know-how. We know, we live and we love the outdoors.
We are offering OutdoorUAE readers and other interested people the opportunity to join with us and experience some of the fantastic places in the UAE and the Arabian Peninsula. All trips are run by experienced and professional guides.
OutdoorUAE was founded in 2009 as a hub for the outdoor community in our region. Since that date OutdoorUAE has grown organically in size as well as knowledge. Our main philosophy is to bring people together and get them involved and enjoying the outdoors in a fun and safe way.
This close connection to the industry and to people in the community gave rise to many ideas and demands. One of the most common questions we were asked was if we organized trips.

To separate the trips and travel adventures from the magazine, we run it under the new brand name OutdoorArabia Adventure Travel.

What to expect?
All trips are run by experienced and professional guides. We always offer the option of transportation, to make the whole experience hassle free for you.

Our adventures are fully risk assessed and we pick locations that are interesting and exciting. We want a unique wilderness experience and hope you do too. We also offer introduction and family friendly trips where the key element is education, enjoyment and discovery.

Groups are purposefully kept small to minimize the impact on the environment and provide a highly personalized experience. After all being in the outdoors is all about solitude, wilderness and tranquility.

When you commit to join an OutdoorArabia adventure, you can be assured that we will lead you confidently at every step and your experience will be one to remember. We have a whole range of adventures for you to enjoy.

Safety First
Solitude and remoteness brings also some inevitable risks. There are no marked tracks, no mountain rescue and most of the time no mobile network coverage. It is simply not possible to exclude all risks if you dive into the outdoors and wilderness but it is possible to minimize the risks. We only go on tracks we have logged so we always know the routes our groups are taking, so that we are able to locate them quickly in case of an emergency. All our guides carry a medical kit and satellite phone and have also first aid qualification. You should always follow the instructions of your guide to be sure to be safe and make the most out of your trip.